Dynosheets from our 350Z TT and 370Z SC online

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Dynosheets from our 350Z TT and 370Z SC online

We are doing quiet a lot of testing during these cold long winternights. Recently we’ve had two pretty interesting cars on our inhouse Dynapack Dyno! One is the Chip-Racing Nissan 370Z Supercharched which we introduced at the 2011 “Auto Zürich”, the other one is it’s older brother, the Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo we’ve build a few years ago. Both cars proofed their qualities on our Dynapack by outputting awesome numbers, as well as on the road! Amazing power with an almost untouchable driveability! Another amazing fact is, that we have tested the 370Z Supercharger Kit in combination with our CRTEK and can now sell it with a DTC homologation to make this setup streetlegal!

You can find the Dynosheets of the Nissan 370Z Supercharged CRTEK3
and the Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo CRTEK3 in our Dyno Test section

Nissan 370Z Supercharged

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