Chip-Racing: Tuning with the all new EcuTek ProECU programming kit

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Chip-Racing: Tuning with the all new EcuTek ProECU programming kit

Chip-Racing is proud to introduce the all new EcuTek ProECU programming kit. The ProECU kit allows our subdealers and customers to program ROM’s into vehicles, similar to the Cobb Access Port. Chip-Racing supplies the customers and subdealers with suitable ROM’s and the customers can program it into the car by themself. The ProECU kit gives the possibility to create log files to send back to Chip-Racing for refinements of the calibration .

Chip-Racing: Tuning with EcuTek ProECU programming Kit

The EcuTek ProECU programming kit makes life easier for our various customers all over europe. They don’t have to come by our shop for a simple refinement or a complete mapping. With the log function we’re able to see what have to be done to the ROM and can just simply send it back to the customer.

The kit also includes diagnostic and servicing function, such as DTC clearing, idle learning, clutch adjustment, DPF control.

Drop us a mail or call us for any questions!

2 thoughts on “Chip-Racing: Tuning with the all new EcuTek ProECU programming kit

  • Hello.

    What is the price for a ProECU Programming Kit ?

    Regards Robert Haugen

    • The pricing for the new ProECU kit looks like this:
      – ProECU hardware kit CHF325.-
      – CR Software and licence CHF490.-
      – Updates CHF250.-

      EcuTek ProECU will work on the following cars:
      Subaru BRZ
      Toyota FT86
      Scion FR-S
      Nissan GTR R35 ECM
      Nissan GTR R35 TCM
      Nissan Juke DiG-T
      Subaru E-Throttle Petrol & Diesel Vehicles
      Mitsubishi EVO X
      Mitsubishi Colt CZT & Ralliart
      Smart ForFour Brabus
      Mazda MX5 NC Models
      Mazda 3MPS, 6MPS, CX7, 8MPV
      Coming Soon
      Mazda Diesel
      Isuzu Rodeo/D-Max
      Nissan 370Z


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