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Chip-Racing was founded back in 2003 and was soon known for quality ECU-tuning! Since 2005 our headquarter is located in Pfäffikon ZH, Switzerland. We are known, and intend to continue to be known, for professional car-service and repairs of all kind of cars, as well as the professional tuning! We’re specialiced on japanese cars such as Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Toyota and Mazda. Of course we also do have a wide range of parts for non-japanese cars like Audi, Ford and BMW, feel free to contact us! We have more than 10 years experience in tuning ECU’s and components. Of course Chip-Racing offers you, other than tuning, very interesting solutions for alternative fuel systems such as E85 Bioethanol or just simply retune your cars ECU to lower fuel consumption. We offer a wide variation from standard files from full individual Dynotunes for street use or professional racing! Chip-Racing is also passionate in building engines. With our great experience with japanese engines we sure can build the perfect engine for your application and budget! We build engines for the toughest conditions e.g. endurance racing, circuit racing, hillclimb and drifting. We also offer the professional installation and alignment from coilover, complete brake-upgrades, exhaust-systems, aeroparts as well as their homologation for street use! We are happy when you are, so we accept nothing less then perfect results! Give us a challenge, we’re looking forward to work on your car!


Chip-Racing is not just Chip-Racing. We are there for you and your car! We take care of your car in many different ways, splitted in the following area

Chip-Racing service is there for your normal car service, repairs, maintainance and tire changes. We do everything to keep your car running!

Chip-Racing performance offers you anything you need when tuning your car and want to remain street legal!

Chip-Racing competition is your partner for your racecar. We take care of your car, making it reliable, safe and of course quicker!

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