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Here they are, the best of our Dynapack:


1: SUBARU STI MY08 CR600           594hp            642nmchip-racing-cr600-subaru-sti-2008-cosworth-perrin-greddy-10



2. NISSAN GTR R35                             581hp            761nmchip-racing-nissan-gtr-r35-ecutek-tuning-dynapack-dyno-11



3. SUBARU WRX MY06                     525hp             745nm



4.SUBARU WRX MY02 MT1            519hb               663nm



5. Mitsubishi EVO 9 CR500               501hp             631nmchip-racing-cr400-mitsubishi-evo-9-tuning-hks-okadaprojects-ecutek-6



6. Toyota Supra MK4 GT2860           497hb             601nm



7. SUBARU STI MY06                        495hp            707nm



8. Toyota Supra MK4                           407whp         449wnm toyota-supra-hks-fcon-chip-racing-tuning-chiptuning-garrett-2860rs-tomei-6



9. Mitsubishi EVO X SST                    411hp             535nm



10. Mitsubishi EVO 8                             410hp            529nm



11: Nissan CR180SX                              349whp         419wnm                chip-racing-nissan-200sx-180sx-tuning-bodykit-drift



12. Super Seven                                       325whp         448wnm chip-racing-super-seven-chpe



13. Nissan R34 RB25DET                   307whp         422wnm chip-racing-nissan-180sx-200sx-nistune-tuning-dynapack-dyno-14

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