Chip-Racing Nissan 370Z Tuning: Stillen Cold Air Intake Test

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Chip-Racing Nissan 370Z Tuning: Stillen Cold Air Intake Test

Next to our homologated Stillen Supercharger Kit for the Nissan 370Z we also have the Stillen Cold Air Intake in our program! We did some testing with this intake to see the potential of the kit and the VQ37.


  • Sport Backbox
  • Stillen 370Z Cold Air Intake
  • CRTEK2 Software

The Stillen Kit includes two airfilters, all the piping plus the hardware needed.

Nissan 370Z with Stillen Cold Air Intake installed

The installation was quiet a lot of work, the complete front bumper had to be removed to make room for the new intake. After removing the bumper and OEM airbox we finally had a bit of space to work on the car!

As the new intake sits under the front bumper, the chassis had to be modified a bit to make the pipes clear the chassis:

Modifications to the 370Z chassis

After that, the car was finally ready to get the Stillen Intake installed, as usual on the Nissan 370Z, everything is pretty narrow:

As the front was removed anyway, we took the chance to mount the Stillen Oil Cooler Kit as well. Again a very high quality kit that fits perfect and helps to keep the VQ37 cool under any conditions!

Nissan 370Z Stillen Oil Cooler Kit

We then put anything back together and had the car ready for another dyno-session. As the first (stock) dynorun showed, the automatic transmission does swollow a pit of power, so the Z was not as strong as it should be from factory. With the Stillen Cold Air Intake and our CRTEK software we were able to get some more horses over stock:

Chip-Racing Nissan 370Z Stillen Cold Air Intake Dyno

 blue line: OEM                                      293PS / 341NM

green line: Stillen Intake, CRTEK        325PS / 362NM


Our Verdict

The Cold Air Intake is another fine kit from Stillen, it comes with all parts needed and is manufactured with quality in mind! Together with a good tune this intake really makes sense. More power at high revs and slightly more torque trough the entire revband make the allready nice to drive 370Z even better! We would only recommend this kit if you want to upgrade the ECU as well, otherwise air-fuel ratio will mess up and the car will not produce much more power!

Nissan 370Z on Chip-Racing Dynapack




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