Noise and safety factors

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Our dyno at speed measures around 60 to 80dB depending on load – much quieter than the engine at idle. This is especially beneficial if you want to perform NVH (Noise Vibration & Harshness) tests. Dynapack dynamometers™ are already in use in NVH labs. You will find that you can now use your ears as an additional diagnostic tool, since all you will be hearing is the vehicle.


History has proven that cars do come off roller dyno’s but with the Dynapack™ and our failsafe connection method, this event can not happen. What would happen if a car came off a Dynapack™? Due to the built in safety design, so far, it hasn’t happened. If it did, the vehicle would just drop to the floor.

So you and your insurance agent can breathe a big sigh of relief and sleep better at night. Your business’s liability insurance may be dramatically lower when using Dynapack™ vs. a traditional dynamometer purely based on the safety aspects of the Dynapack™ system.


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