BMW Tuning: 335xi N54 CRTEK3

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After we showed you our CRTEK2 on the BMW 1Series M Coupe we’ll show you the next step in our BMW Tuning program. Our CRTEK3 with upgraded turbochargers, shown on a BMW 335xi with N54 engine!


  • BMW 335xi N54 MY2007
BMW-Tuning: N54 Turbo Upgrade
BMW-Tuning: N54 Turbo Upgrade


Our Stage 1 Turbos are completely blueprinted OEM BMW Turbos, which get modified to our specifications including a new, more efficient high flow turbine wheel. By increasing the efficiency of the turbine we’re able to get more fresh air into the combustion chamber of the engine while remaining the same boost level. Together with a proper tune this results in a huge gain in power!

CR-Spec Stage 1 N54 BMW Turbo Upgrade
CR-Spec Stage 1 N54 BMW Turbo Upgrade


With our Stage 1 Turbos we have seen pretty impressive gains with no negative effect on the daily abilities of the car:

BMW-Tuning: N54 Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade
BMW-Tuning: N54 Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade

Although the turbo does have a bigger, heavier turbine wheel it still is capable of producing more torque over the complete RPM-Band than the factory turbos! Still, the BMW 335xi is a great car for daily driving with no drawbacks compared to stock, but if you floor it and use all its muscles be sure to scare some serious sport cars!


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