Chip-Racing Subaru Impreza STI Tuning: CRTEK1 and Split Scroll Header

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Chip-Racing Subaru Impreza STI Tuning: CRTEK1 and Split Scroll Header

We’ve tested our Chip-Racing Performance Split Scroll Header on a Subaru Impreza STI MY2004. The STI’s only tuning was our CRTEK1 Software paired with a Catback Exhaust, anything else was stock on the EJ20.

Chip-Racing Performance Split Scroll Header Subaru EJ20, EJ25 Tuning


Car: Subaru Impreza STI MY 2004


  • CRTEK1: Chip-Racing Catback-Exhaust, CRTEK ECU remap
  • OEM Downpipe with 100Cell Pre-Catalyst, OEM Maincat
  • Chip-Racing Performance Split Scroll Header

The Diagram shows the two curves of the CRTEK1 compared to the CRTEK1 with our Header installed. We’ve not changed anything on the ECU, the 2 curves you see are running on exactly the same ECU-Program! The test proves what the customer was saying, the header turns the Subaru into a complete different car! The header supports the turbo spool better, as result full boost is achieved 400RPM earlier producing more power and torque at the same boost level! The Diagram clearly shows how much stronger the EJ20 is, especially at around 4500RPM!

Chip-Racing Subaru STI with Performance Split Scroll Header


green line: CRTEK1 with Catback                                                              319PS / 372NM

purple line: CRTEK1 with Catback and Chip-Racing Header                    354PS / 435NM



Once again our test shows what tuning is worth it’s money… our Chip-Racing Split Scroll Header definitely is! We recommend this product to anyone who wants to get that little extra out of his Subaru!












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