Shelby GT 500 MY10 with Steeda Power Pak

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Shelby GT 500 MY10 with Steeda Power Pak

The Testcar: The Shelby GT500 / Das Testfahrzeug: Der Shelby GT500

We recently tested the Steeda Power Pak on a customers Shelby GT500. The kit comes with the Steeda ProFlow Cold Air Intake, the Steeda Supercharger Pulley, a SCT XCalibrator 3 and all hardware requiered for an easy installation! The SCT comes with a tune which should work properly even here in Europe!

The Steeda Power Pak

Steeda claims the kit to increase the output of the Shelby by around 144hp. We wanted to find out and straped the Shelby onto our Dynapack, did some testing and found out the true potential of the Steeda Power Pak.

Chip-Racing Ford Mustang GT500 Tuning SCT Flash

Our testcar only had a Magnaflow catback exhaust installed, everything else was stock, powerwise.


First we tested the kit with the supplied SCT tune with the following results


OEM (green dashed):    514.3hp / 645.73Nm

SCT (blue):                        556.6hp / 739.4Nm

After that, we did some mapping and found a few extra horses


OEM (green dashed):       514.3hp / 645.7Nm

SCT (blue):                           556.6hp / 739.4Nm

CRTEK (red):                       576.3hp / 773.1Nm

Our Verdict

The Steeda Power Pak is a nice little kit for a very interesting price. The parts are manufactured to a high standard and make you happy just by looking at them! Installation was done in around 90 minutes. Even though we didn’t get results as good as expected (refer to the dynosheet), we would recommend this kit to anyone who wants more power without spending a fortune! The included software works pretty good and offers a acceptable driveability but it’s just not the same than a custom tune! You can find the kit in our Shop here


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