Mitsubishi EVO X SST and Ralliart gearbox revision

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The SST transmission on the Mitsubishi EVO X and Ralliart is more maintenance-intensive than the manual transmission. The SST gearbox has weak points that show up with increased engine output and higher mileage. Mitsubishi does not repair these transmissions, but exchanges them for expensive new units. Chip-Racing helps: We offer revisions for all Mitsubishi SST transmissions!

SST Getriebe

We offer complete solutions for your Mitsubishi:

  • Revision / upgrade of the couplings   
  • Revision / upgrade oil pump drive
  • Revision / upgrade of the mechatronics
  • Revision / upgrade of the shift forks
  • Revision / upgrade of the differentials

As a Dodson Motorsport Pro Dealer, we have complete access to all components that are necessary for revision and reinforcement. The shifting processes are also significantly improved with our high-end components.

We offer some selected service packages, which can be made preventive or after a damage

SST Schalteinheit


Mitsubishi EVO X SST Revision: oil pump unit

It often happens that the drive wheel of the oil pump quits its service. The good news is that it can be easily repaired and replaced.

SST oilpump failure