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Auto-Zurich 2015: Civic Type R Tuning

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It’s almost time for the Auto-Zürich 2015 to open its gates and we’re there as well with our brand new Honda Civic Type R Tuning package CRTEK2!

honda civic type r tuning
Premiere: Honda Civic Type R Tuning an der Auto-Zürich 2015

Research and development on the latest hot hatch from Honda has started and we’re looking forward to introduce you our all new CRTEK2 Civic Type R Tuning!

Our CRTEK2 will help the Civic to produce 370hp, using a Milltek catback exhaust, modified Intake and our latest CRTEK software.

More Infos here soon and don’t forget to visit us at this year’s Auto-Zürich 2015 from 29.10-01.11.2015!







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