Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo CRTEK3

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Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo CRTEK3


  • Power Enterprise Twin Turbo Kit
  • HKS Catback
  • CRTEK with UpRev

The Nissan is equipped with the complete Power Enterprise Twin Turbo Kit, including exhaust manifolds, front mount intercooler etc. Engine internals left completely stock! The car was tested by the DTC and is 100% streetlegal. In this test we were running on 0.4 bar boost only. Power, response and driveability with this setup are amazing!

Chip-Racing Nissan 350Z Twinturbo


7 thoughts on “Nissan 350Z Twin Turbo CRTEK3

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  • Hello, I would like to program my car with Uprev.
    It’s a Nissan 350z, engine VQ35HR.
    The car has filters air K&N, tubes air special Z1 Motorsport, worked plenum Z1 motorsport, air collector Z1 Motorsport.
    In exhausst, he has cats kinetix + line Invidia Gemini.
    On your site, I found a price of 1’150.-, is it with Dyno before + later?
    Thank you for your answer
    Best regards

    • Hello José

      Thanks a lot for your mail.

      1150.- is without dyno, if you want the car to be mapped on dyno it would cost you an additional CHF250.-

      Thanks a lot and best regards


  • Thank you for your answer.
    do you use uprev for 350z ecu tuning ? With the odb2 port ?
    Can we have 2 or 3 maps and switch with the cruse control ?
    How many time takes for ecu tunig in dyno ?
    Many questions ..
    best regards

    • Hello Jose

      We can do the tuning with UpRev via OBD port. Yes, we can have more then 1 map on some ECU’s and switch it via cruise control. Usually we take the car for one day for a dyno tune.

      Best Regards

  • hi, the kit is still available, how much it cost?

    • Hello
      No, i’m afraid the Power Enterprises kit is discontinued. But we can deliver the AAM EFR Kit as well.


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