GT86 Turbo CR320

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Auto-Zürich 2013 is history. We would like to thank everyone who visited us at our booth!

Miss Auto-Zürich 2013 Kandidatinnen
Miss Auto-Zürich 2013 Kandidatinnen

As soon as we were back in the workshop we continued the development of our Toyota GT86 Turbo. With our next power stage in mind we started to build our CR320!

Chip-Racing Toyota GT86 Turbo CR320


Next to some minor hardware changes our CR320 features our new Boostcontrol, this allows us to run a smoother boostcurve along slightly more boost. We also changed the OEM MAP sensor to a aftermarket unit which can measure higher boostlevels since the stock one is blind above 0.3bar. Thanks to these modifications and our brand new CR320 software upgrade we were able to get a few extra horses out of the FA20!

Chip-Racing GT86 Turbo CR320
Chip-Racing GT86 Turbo CR320

purple line: stock                          185hp / 208Nm

orange line: CR320                      316hp / 373Nm

Thanks to the higher torque output the CR320 outperforms the CR280 in every point of view! With an even better driveability and even more peak power it is just a blast to drive!

Since a few people asked for 0-100kph numbers we measured those as well (always without launch control)

  • stock:     7.3s
  • CR280:       5.8s
  • CR320:       5.2s


Our next steps in our project 86 will be tests with complete turboback exhaust and race cat as well as some E85 Bioethanol test. We’re really looking forward to E85 since we’ve seen huge gains on stock GT86’s! We’re also working to get out CRTEK2 streetlegal!

Chip-Racing Toyota GT86 turbo
Chip-Racing Toyota GT86 turbo



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