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One of our main focuses next to engine builds is of course ECU mapping on various cars with various systems. With our over 10 years experience we have a unbelievable valuable knowledge and can remap pretty much any ECU with any software!

Nissan GTR Tuning: Mapping the ECU with EcuTek
Nissan GTR Tuning: Mapping the ECU with EcuTek

We are Protuner for various big names in the busines, for example

We don’t just load maps we get from somewhere into your car, every car gets mapped individually to ensure best quality and perfomance!

Subaru WRX STI on our Dynapack
Subaru WRX STI on our Dynapack

As a Protuner /master-tuner for Ecutek we have various companies here in switzerland and europe as customers and provide them with our maps!

With Ecutek as a partner, we spend many hours on the dyno, helping Ecutek developing new features and softwares. For example this video we took while testing the brand new RaceRom launchdontrol feature for the newest STI genereation!

We also work with allmost every Standalone ECU available, HKS F-Con, Apexi Power FC, Gems, Hydra, Haltech, Motec…just to name a few!

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