Toyota GT86 Turbo CR320: even more power

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We’re permanently working on our Toyota GT86 turbo to make it even better, stronger and faster. With the homologation for the CR280 done, we’re focusing on our CR320 stage. Compared to earlier tests with this stage we were able to find some more horsepower without changing the hardware!

Toyota GT86 Turbo CR320


As mentioned above, we did not change anything on the hardware compared to our previous CR320 stage. We put our GT86 Turbo on our Dynapack Dyno and continued the development of our CR320 software. With further adjustments we were able fine-tune the fueling. With the perfect AFR the FA20 Turbo outputs even more power than before! Dynograph says more than 1000 words:

Chip-Racing Toyota GT86 Turbo: CR320
Chip-Racing Toyota GT86 Turbo: CR320

red line:           CR280          280hp / 324Nm

green line:       CR320          335hp / 390Nm

In addition to the increased output we installed some carbon-fibre parts from APR-Performance:

These parts really are awesome with an unmatched quality! The fitment of the parts is spot-on, they just bolt up perfectly without any fabrication work or anything needed! Despite the looks, APR products are engineered with functionality in mind so they actually create more downforce and reduce lift!

APR-Performance aero on our Toyota GT86 Turbo
APR-Performance aero on our Toyota GT86 Turbo

Thanks to its aerodynamic design the APR front air dam reduces lift and adds more stability at high speeds!

APR aerokit for Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ
APR aerokit for Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ




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