Levorg Tuning: CH-legal Subaru Levorg Tuning

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We’re proud to announce that we can offer our CRTEK1 Subaru Levorg Tuning with official CH-homologation to you to keep your Levorg fully street legal!

Subaru Levorg Tuning: CRTEK1

You love your Levorg but just think that it should have that extra bit of power? Well we have you covered with our brandnew CRTEK1 your Levorg gains around 30hp and 55Nm. This really gets your Subaru going!

Levorg Tuning
Levorg Tuning: CRTEK1

Thanks to more power and tourqe over the entire RPM range the Levorg feels so much better on wide open roads and narrow uphill mountain roads!

We can offer the CRTEK for your Levorg with eighter the factory exhaust and for those who like it a bit more sporty with the HKS Hi-Power Spec L catback exhaust with carbon tips.

Subaru Levorg Tuning: HKS Hi-Power Spec L
Subaru Levorg Tuning: HKS Hi-Power Spec L



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