BRZ / GT86 ultimate Supercharger / Turbo test

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We packed everything into a test. Since we legally offer the BRZ / GT86 with 3 different types of forced induction, both for the road and for racing, here is the ultimate test on our Dyno. All measured values ​​were driven with a similar boost pressure between 0.6 to 0.7 bar.

BRZ / GT86 Original vs. CR AVO vs. CR Cosworth vs. CR HKS V3

Tested were:


With our experience of more than 100 built-in kits, we have the right setup for everyone.

  • The CR (Chip-Racing) AVO Turbokit can convince with sheer power and torque, but it only weakens in the lower rpm range if at all.
  • The CR (Chip-Racing) Cosworth supercharger kit uses a screw compressor, which provides pressure from idle. You can tell immediately and as the only kit he always makes pressure and mood. He has weaknesses, if any at the speed end.
  • The CR (Chip-Racing) HKS V3 supercharger kit is easy to handle and makes you happy at the end of the revs. If you like it gently, you are well served here. He has weaknesses in the lower speed range.

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