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You need new tires? Well then you’re at the right spot! We are official partner of Reifendirekt. You can order your tires relaxed at home and let them deliver to us. As soon as your tires arrive we’ll contact to fix a date to change them! Naturally we stand by your side helping you out with the right tire choise at a low price! We can also help you with the right wheel choise, we have access to almost any wheel from Rays Engineering, Work, OZ, Rota and many more. We have something in any priceclass!

Feel free to contact us and we’ll find the perfect wheel or tire for you!

2 thoughts on “Tire service

  • Hey guys at chip racing!
    Im new to Germany, and only speak english
    Sorry. I brought my 2014 civic si with me and plan on working on it out here. I need hondata flash pro. Do you have it available, and for how much? Thank you!

    • Hello Ryan

      Thanks a lot for your message.
      We don’t have the matching Flashpro in stock, since they are not identical to our EU versions, but we can order the correct Flashpro for your Civic Si.

      Price is CHF750.-

      Best regards Chris


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